Best of the Best: Top 3 Richest Poker Players in the World

Poker is an exciting casino game. A lot of players tried to make a name, but only a few succeeded. Since this game is gaining popularity, here is a sneak peek on the wealthiest poker players in 2020. Their net worth may inspire you to start learning poker.

It is not only a game of chance, but it is a game of strategy. Unlike others, you must be wise in every move because your goal is to beat the dealer. Here are the kings and queens of this game.

#1. Dan Bilzerian – The Man Who Owns Lots of Business and an Actor

Richest poker players dan

Net Worth: $150 Million

This man is trending online. His Instagram posts will give you a hint of how rich this man is. While he came from a wealthy family because of his dad, his net worth doubled when he joined the poker club. He was able to win $10 million in one sitting, and now, poker is not complete without his name.

It was not an excellent ride, of course. Dan started in 2007 while in college and lost a lot of time.  In 2009, he was at the bottom of a professional poker cup, but right now, he is one of the best players in town. He also established Victory Poker and appeared in movies like Olympus has Fallen.

#2. Phil Ivey – Started at a Young Age and Earns Millions Today

Richest poker players phil

Net worth: $100 Million

Next in the list is a seasoned player. Phil learned his poker skills from his granddad, and now he has the highest numbers of winnings among poker players. His talent took him somewhere he deserves, and the poker world is not complete without him.

He won a bracelet ten times in the World Series of Pokers. Indeed, his skills are world-class, and there is no wonder why his net worth increased. Right now, Phil explores and makes a name in the online casino world, too! He still has a long way to go with his young age.

#3. Chris Ferguson – A Holy Name in Poker Because of His Skills

Richest poker players chris

Net worth: $80 Million

He was ten years old when he started playing poker. Chris is popular with his moniker Jesus of Poker, and his story is quite inspiring to those who are still beginning in this career. His look makes him unique among other players, which also explains his nickname. Apart from luck, he has some skills that kept his game rolling.

His motionless pose is also unforgettable because it does not give any hint about his next move. While he was in the limelight, he also tried to establish his online poker company. However, it faced a scandal in 2011, which led to its shutdown.


They are only a few of the most successful poker players today. While some were born rich, others worked their way by honing their skills in each game. They are evidence that poker is the right spot if you want to earn money, but it takes a lot of courage, focus, skill, and time before making a name.

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