Easy Money: Top 5 No-Deposit Slot Games in 2020

2020 is an unusual year. It met many societal conflicts, and the last thing you want is to spend a lot of money. Many casinos closed because of the pandemic. Your choice now is to play online. The good thing is your favorite slot game comes in different themes.

But what if you do not want to spend your money online? A lot have problems with security issues. Well, there is nothing to worry about because there are games that do not require any deposits. Here are the most popular no-deposit slot games you must check.

#1. Da Vinci's Vault

No-deposit slot games da vinci's vault

If you know Da Vinci, you know that he is a great painter. As an inspiration for this game, Da Vinci's Vault also assures you of excellent gaming experience. With five reels and 20 paylines, you will probably hit an amount. It is under Playtech, which is a game developer giant. Each image multiplies your bet up to 500x, which makes it a lot exciting. Money comes easy with a 95% return to player rate.

#2. Lie Yan Zuan Shie

No-deposit slot games lie yan zuan shie

The name says its origin. If you are after Asian games, this one suits you. The game tiles have Chinese designs, and it features 25 paylines. Yes, you have more chances at winning when you open this game. Another thing to love about it is it is compatible with any device. The symbols used may be traditional, but the effects are quite modern.

#3. Extra Chilli

No-deposit slot games extra chilli

Do you have a thirst for winning? Extra Chilli promises more than 100,000 ways of winning, so why would you look for something else? Because of its extra hot features, you will find this Mexican-themed game incredible. Other bonuses that will keep you on your screens are the daily and weekly bonuses.

#4. Book of Dead

No-deposit slot games book of dead

Treasure hunting is quite impressive when you were a kid. In this slot game, you will have an adventure at an Egyptian pyramid. You will enjoy as time runs back to the ancient period while you win in each spin. Because of its popularity, you can play it freely on any online casinos. You will never lose track of this game.

#5. Trump It

No-deposit slot games trump it

You do have an idea of what this game is about, right? Its inspiration is US politics, and the images are quite familiar to Americans. You will see Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and other familiar personalities. If you want to get rich as the current US President, tap Melania Trump. As funny as it sounds, she is the image of the spin button.


Even though the pandemic in 2020 affected many casinos, the fun online continues. You will never run out of choices in choosing any online casino games. Since most people are fond of slots games, you have thousands of selections in this category. The fun part is you do not need to invest any real money in these games. All you need is a device and the need to have fun.

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