How to Convert Your Casino Bonuses to Real Money

Bonuses and freebies encourage people to play online. It is quite rare to find a casino with no welcome package. You can earn at least 100 euros or 50 spins in a specific game. These deals can help you win more if you know how to play the odds. So, what should you do? Before anything else, you must be familiar with the house edge.

Like real-life casinos, you should always remember that the casino always wins. If the house edge is at 50%, you will either lose or win 0.5 euros in every 1 euro you bet. It may not be as bad as it sounds, but it will increase if you make a more massive wager. You will probably lose 500 euros if you make 1000 spins.

So, how do bonuses help you here? You do not have to spend yet before earning some amount. We will give you some tips to make the most out of your welcome bonus.

#1. Read the Terms and Conditions of Your Chosen Online Casino

Online Casino Bonuses

Before making any deposits, you must know their rules on bonuses and promos. Some casinos will require to deposit a specific amount before you can avail of the gift. Others will ask you to make several bets first before you can withdraw your winnings.

All of these statements must be clear in the T&C. If it is not, then you should doubt about the legibility of the casino.

#2. Always Start with Low Stakes First to Avoid Surprise Losses

Online Casino Bonuses losses

Once you receive your bonus, do not get too excited to hit the jackpot. Remember, casinos have an advantage over your bets. So, to make use of these bonuses, start small all the time. No one wants to lose big time.

The good thing when using bonuses is you get a lower chance of losing. Even if the amount you won is small, it will increase as you use your other spins.

For example, if the package comes with 50 turns and you won 48 times with 1 euro, you will also earn 48 euros. Some casinos allow you to withdraw your winnings immediately.

#3. Become a Loyal Customer and You Will Get More Rewards from Them

Online Casino Bonuses loyalty

Online casinos give the best loyalty rewards to their patrons. It can be through weekly bonuses or special offers. If you get lucky, they will invite you to become a VIP player. The more loyal you are, the more chances that they will give you more bonus spins and even cashback.

By this time, you are wise in using your freebies, so you will know when and how to use them properly. Not everyone gets the chance to earn this way, so make the most out of their packages.


Playing online casinos must not be your only source of money. However, if you delve into this world, you will probably enjoy the deals and promotions that they give to their beginners, loyal patrons, and VIPs. These freebies can turn into real money, and you can withdraw them anytime if you pass the requirements.

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