Age of conquest


Age Of Conquest is a casino game that is a part of the Vitruvian family of games. It’s a fairly new game to the gaming world, but is quickly gaining fans. For those who have played other versions of this game such as Caribbean Casino or Playa Bonita, the differences may seem rather minor. After all, Age Of Conquest does not feature any traditional slots like most of its predecessors. The concept is simple enough however, and it’s easy to see why it has been received well by critics.

If you’re unfamiliar with the rules of Age Of Conquest, it is simply a flash-based video slot game with the ability to play on the Age Of War screen or on your personal computer. You start out by choosing a civilization to play against, picking a specific tile, and then earn experience points by winning a battle or by building cities and earning income points to buy upgrades. The latter can be used to earn extra income points, which in turn can be used to purchase powerful units and special abilities. When you are finally ready to challenge another player, a land battle will ensue in which you must defeat their civilization before they leave the battlefield.

The graphics and sound are fairly simplistic and not too intrusive. Although Age Of Conquest is a Flash game, it runs very well on the majority of computers and has very little downtime. The only major issue that users have had with it is that there was a period where the game would not accept any changes to the settings, forcing users to restart the game. Despite this very short problem, the overwhelming majority of people have been extremely happy with the features and the overall performance of the game. If you’re looking for a good free flash slot machine with an age-old yet still interesting concept, the Age Of Conquest is a slot machine that you might want to check out.

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