Classic blackjack gold


Microgaming’s Classic Blackjack Gold has always been faithful to its quality of online poker game, offering its Classic Blackjack Gold variant with a huge collection of high graphical and sound effects, and very rich poker chip options. This quality Blackjack game enables maximum bets of up to 200, which means that the total in the pot after an initial insurance bet can go up to a really staggering extreme amount! The biggest player runs to win, but you can play it in the online casino Blackjack bonus mode too! This special mode offers you a small amount of free money to play, but in return, you are required to place three successive bets of the same value into your Classic Blackjack account. After three consecutive bets, the highest valued one is withdrawn, and the other two are doubled – so that by the end of the bonus phase, there will be ten bets worth 100 cash in total, and your chances of winning increase dramatically!

There are also a couple of casino titles available with this version of the game, namely: Microgaming Classic Blackjack and Microgaming Round the World. In case of Round the World, there are two versions available, where in you are pitted against authentic Blackjack dealers in Las Vegas casinos. However, you have a choice between the regular game and the tournament version, where you compete for real money. It is highly advised that whichever version you play classic blackjack gold, that you play the tournament version as this will provide you with an opportunity to learn more strategies and techniques of the game, and hone your skills to improve your overall game.

You must know about basic rules of the game, which is pretty much the same as the classic card game. You start the game by choosing a card and picking a color, following which the dealer will reveal the next card. Once you have selected the card, you click on the button that indicates the amount of money you have to spend, and you click on the button to place your bet. After you have placed your bet and clicked on the button to complete your hand, the dealer will deal the cards and you reveal your hand to the dealer – if you have the highest hand total, you win the game.

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