Fortress charge


A fun new online slot machine is called Fortress Charge. Although not a direct rip off of any of the classic slots from the past such as reel to reel or even reel to black jack, it certainly has a lot of the same characteristics. There are icons for coins on each line and you are constantly greeted by the word ‘enter’ when you are ready to play a bet. On each line there is a picture of a fortress with rooms on the top level representing the different levels of play that you are currently playing in. When the time comes to re-roll the reels it all happens pretty quickly – it almost feels like you are just clicking on a bunch of moving targets on a computer screen.

Fortress Charge uses a 6-reel, 3 column, 6-color grid composed of a three-dimensional castle form, a single line of coins and a final two rows for your bets. It seems almost more like a video game than a slot and it does not take too many spins for the developers to realize that they probably took inspiration from the classic Holy Diver video game that came out years ago. This game is one that is completely action based and the same basic rule applies to playing it as well; you are always looking for the highest re-roll percentage you can get to make your winnings. The game is a little bit luck based also, but that is about as far as the developers can go because in the real world there is no such thing as being completely ‘luck’ while you play a video game!

One of the best things about Fortress Charge is the interface – it is clear, intuitive and easy to understand. When you first start playing you will be given the tutorial which helps you learn how to play the game and win by giving you tips and tricks to use. The interface is clean and easy to use, especially considering how user friendly it is and how easy it is to change your bet types as well as the graphics and sound settings. Overall it is an online casino game that is fun and exciting, if you like strategy games then this game is definitely worth a try.

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