Irish gold


Irish Gold is a flash game based on the real Irish lottery game. This game is easy to learn and play and guarantees a good time if played at home. Irish Gold features an interactive interface that makes playing the game fast and simple. It is a great online slot from Play n Go using an Irish theme.

This slot contains three reels stocked with images from the Emerald Isle including four leaf clovers, raindrops, pots of gold and wild flowers. There are also multipliers, wild multipliers and double lines to win. The graphics are a lovely animation with the iris of the Iris enjoying an animated appearance when the reels are rotated. Images include: the shamrock, the clover, the raindrop, the iris, a Celtic cross, a crown and shamrock. All the images move when the mouse button is pressed.

When you enter the room, the game interface looks quite modern with a pleasant font and some neat effects. To start playing, you are presented with a welcome screen containing your start position, which is the center of the reel. The randomly generated pattern of cards appears on the screen in front of you. In the lower right corner there is a number slot, which when used will cause the reels to stop in random order. There are eleven symbols in total, which when clicked will rotate around the deck of cards and change their positions.

If you click on one of the cards, it will open up the picture for you to view. When you have chosen a card to place your bet on, you are brought back to the main menu where you see your winning combination. Irish Gold uses a simple, non-intrusive betting system, where you only need to check the available symbols on the screen and choose which one you want to bet on, and then make your choice. There is no complicated mathematical formulas required, so you do not need to be an expert in the field to play the game.

Playing this online gold game is absolutely free, and you do not even need to download any software to play, which is great news for those who are not too keen to use a computer. You also do not need to download any flash player or plug-in to play this game; all you need is a standard web browser like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari to be able to access the Irish Gold website and connect to the internet through that. All you have to really do is to wait for the jackpot to be filled and collect all the virtual cash that is given to you. Although the jackpot is small at the moment, you can increase your chances of winning big time by increasing the amount you bet.

The reels for this casino game are not random, so you can actually have a higher chance of hitting the jackpot, but as mentioned earlier there is no guarantee. Some people try their luck by trying their luck on a few of the available reels, and some players try their luck by trying all of them. As a result, there are hundreds and thousands of possible combinations that can occur when you place a bet on an Irish gold online slot machine. You can use the number generator on the casino site to determine the possibility of how many combinations are available. You can also find out about all of the specific information that can be helpful in your efforts to improve your odds of winning huge amounts of money off of an Irish gold slot machine.

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