Top 5 Online Casino Games Played by Women

Online casino games is for men and women who are willing to take a risk. In 2020, online casinos are not for men alone. Some sites target women players, and they do this by naming the site after a woman’s name. Some like pastel, while others love full black backgrounds.

Tastes of women may vary, but the surest thing is they like playing casinos, too! Here are the top five games that women love playing in 2020.


Online Casino Game: Slots Game

Online casino games for women slots

Whether offline or online, women love slots games. It is easy, and it does not require so much of your time. You cannot expect a mom to play hours of poker while babysitting, right? Most of them are into games where they can win quickly. The typical slot games searched and downloaded by women are Starburst, Moon Princess, and Gold Rush. These are only four of the thousand slot games from premium developers.


Scratch Cards

scratch card

Who does not love scratch cards? It is easy and exciting! Some women feel relaxed whenever they are scratching it. You get excited when you scratch a card in Zombie Tsunami even if one of them receives an X mark. The winning amount is only icing to the cake. It has different types. Some have a winning amount the moment you see it, while some require you to match three amounts before winning. Full Bloom and 777 are some examples that you can Google.


Online Casino Game: Online Keno


This game is another casino game that women enjoy. It is as easy as the first two mentioned. All you need to do is choose a number from 1 to 80. If you only bet five and were all drawn in a set of 20 keno numbers, you will win a prize. Different versions of this game come in unique images, digital names, and sound effects. You can get as many combinations as you like. If you get all 20 correctly, you hit the jackpot.




Wherever you go, casinos will never miss having a bingo table. Why would online casinos forget this game? If you are lucky, you will get a card with all the winning numbers under B-I-N-G-O. Since it is a game of chance, you will not stress out on what to do next. Instead, you will get excited on what the next number the generator will flash in your screen.


Online Casino Games: Baccarat


Quite rarely, some females like playing card games. One of them is baccarat. While this one requires some basic knowledge of its house rules, it is not as dreadful as other table games. If they get closer to 21 and defeats the dealer, they will win the game. It can get a bit stressful at times.


Women, like men, have their choices when it comes to online casinos. Some may like relaxing games that they will enjoy with their kids, family, or friends, while others go after the graphics and design. Whatever selection they pick, one thing is for sure. Casino games are going beyond gender barriers. If you are willing to take some risk, you can. It does not matter in terms of gender.

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